GMB's Charlotte Hawkins clashes with co-star over 'harsh' swipe on ITV show (2024)

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Good Morning Britain presenter Charlotte Hawkins was left reeling after her co-star Ed Balls made a 'harsh' swipe at her live on air during Wednesday's edition of the ITV show

By Tianna Corbin, TV reporter

GMB: Charlotte, Ed and Susanna speak about meerkat football prediction

GMB's Ed Balls felt the heat as colleague Charlotte Hawkins playfully chided him on Wednesday's edition of the morning show. The friendly jibe came during a segment in which the pair scrutinised mystical meerkats' prediction for a crucial game.

Charlotte announced, "In case you were wondering how the football is going to go tonight, I have the answer."

Sealing the deal with an eccentric touch, she explained: "A group of mystic meerkats have predicted victory for England over the Netherlands."

The curious critters had chosen between two buckets of nuts, each adorned with the competing nations' flags, at an East Sussex zoo, demonstrating a clear preference for England.

However, the presenters, including Susanna Reid and Ed, seemed unconvinced by the quirky forecast, reports the Mirror.

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GMB's Charlotte Hawkins clashes with co-star over 'harsh' swipe on ITV show (2)

Charlotte Hawkns branded Ed Balls 'harsh' during Wednesday's episode (Image: ITV)

Undeterred by their scepticism, Charlotte pressed on: "In case you're sceptical about this, Susanna I can see that look on your face. So far, the predictive pack have correctly picked all of England's results."

With resolute faith in these soothsaying meerkats, she remained optimistic: "So, I am sticking with the meerkats. It's going to be a win for England."

A moment of doubt arose when Susanna questioned the integrity of the Netherlands' nut bucket.

Amidst playful banter, Charlotte urged her not to question the meerkats and also mentioned Paul the octopus, another animal famed for forecasting football outcomes.

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GMB's Charlotte Hawkins clashes with co-star over 'harsh' swipe on ITV show (3)

Susanna Reid wasn't entirely convinced by Charlotte's bulletin (Image: ITV)

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Susanna rebuffed Charlotte Hawkins on live air, quipping: "Mystic animals should not be in news bulletins Charlotte Hawkins! " Both couldn't help but chuckle, while Ed Balls wryly remarked: "Clutching at straws."

Charlotte Hawkins wasn't having it and retorted with an exaggerated gasp, "Ooh harsh! " Susanna swiftly interjected, lobbying for support for the team, insisting that if the meerkats' prediction comes true, they should embrace it, stating, "I don't mean to rain on the meerkat's parade."


    GMB's Charlotte Hawkins clashes with co-star over 'harsh' swipe on ITV show (4)

    Both GMB hosts didn't believe the meerkat prediction was accurate (Image: ITV)

    The Good Morning Britain official social media handle shared the amusing exchange, with Charlotte standing her ground by retweeting the clip, aligning with her stance: "I'm standing by the meerkats - a win for England tonight! ".

    As England gears up to face off against the Netherlands tonight at 8pm, televised on ITV, following their triumph over Switzerland, anticipation runs high. Victory promises a showdown with Spain in Sunday's nail-biting final.

    Good Morning Britain continues weekdays on ITV from 6am.

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    GMB's Charlotte Hawkins clashes with co-star over 'harsh' swipe on ITV show (2024)


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